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Senior Cats

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they stayed kittens; running amuck in the house, climbing drapes, pummeling across your stomach in the middle of the night? Kittens are the givers of giggles, the contributors of chuckles, and the donators of delights. But, kittens quickly grow into cats and as the years pass, their needs along with their behavior changes.  This doesn’t mean that we don’t enjoy our cat(s) any less.

Like some of us, cats prefer to go at a slower pace as their body ages. Special nutritional needs, vet visits to discuss what they face health wise, making sure their nutritional needs are met, learning tips to making their senior years easier for both of you, spending quality time together, knowing when to let go, when to say goodbye.  These are all important aspects in older cat care.

This section will present articles to help guide you along the right path. To allow for a higher quality of life with this treasured pet.  Also, the hope is, you will find comfort here, a security in knowing that the articles are based in fact, supported by experts around the world.

Enjoy your time here, may it lead to a better life for all during the golden years of cat ownership.

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