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Featured Cat Book

Every month, one cat book will be featured here. The authors featured belong to a special group called The Cat Writers’ Association. This is a group of professional men and women who make it their life’s work to write about cat health, cat welfare, and cat issues. You will be provided with a link to direct purchase the featured book and add it to your library.

Book Of The Month

taming me: Memoir of a clever island cat

by Cathy Unruh
From the beginning, told in compelling detail, you are transported to an island off the Bahamas to witness for yourself the tough reality of an island kitten who is trying to survive with the help of her mom. The island, sparsely populated offers little means of food and water for survival and your heart tugs in your throat as you read how the two cats band together, hunt discarded conch and are forced to slurp up the seawater in an attempt to stay hydrated. The kitten (as yet unnamed) can’t bring herself to leave her mom although her littermates have long ago departed each touching mom’s nose in farewell before leaving. The kitten (the runt of the litter) sticks close to mom, observing her mom’s actions as they struggle to remain unnoticed and survive. On the island (the reader learns) there is often an “open bounty” of $25.00 per cat for the strays and ferals who roam there.

Suddenly, the kitten’s life is turned upside down as she attempts to get to some tasty fish left behind in a metal crate. Dipping  her mouth eagerly to eat while mom meows worriedly outside the trap, the door slams shut and the kitten finds herself trapped and off to get spayed. Mom vanishes to reappear later on in the story. The kitten is now at the mercy of the rescuer who set the trap in order to stop the proliferation of litters being born on the island.

Small and slight and terrified, her spay doesn’t go as planned. The rescuer decides to adopt the kitten into her home. For a kitten used to the freedom of the open spaces of the island, acclimating to being in a cage isn’t easy. Fortunately for her, the rescuer is kind-hearted and wise in the ways of kittens. Named “Lucy Miracle” the kitten’s life is described in vivid detail. She has to adapt to an alien world, learn to get along with the two resident cats and find her way into belonging. You meet a scoundrel who hates cats and traps them in an attempt to end their lives, a woman who works in the home where Lucy is living who dislikes cats, but Lucy Miracle wins her over and other colorful characters are introduced who bring the story to life.

Although a work of fiction, this book is every way a true representation of the life of a stray kitten. A book that should not only be read but passed on to others for the messages and lessons it contains. It offers an introspective into a feline life that often goes unnoticed (much like the panhandlers on the streets you might pass on a daily basis). taming me encourages you to look inside of yourself and ask this question: “What if the kitten I see near the dumpsters at Taco Bell really needs my help?” taming me gives you instructions without lectures and hope for the future along with tools to use should you wish to reach out and help that stray cat or kitten in your life.

Slated to be released on October 16, 2012 (which is National Feral Cat Day) taming me speaks volumes about the life cycle of outdoor kitties. It also forges a bridge between human and cat that is over time an unbreakable bond. Lucy Miracle is truly a miracle kitten and my hat is off to the author for having the vision to write her story and for possessing  the compassion to help TNR (trap-neuter and release) the stray cats on this island she visits; her inner paradise.
Pre-order now!

Previous months...

The Complete Cat’s Meow
The Complete Cat’s Meow which is a complete treasure trove of information whether you are a new cat-owner or a seasoned one.  More>>

Naughty No More
Color me skeptical when this book arrived at my door, for I never thought it possible you could “train” a stray cat to do anything out of the ordinary  More>>

Jolicure Cats
In an endearing fashion, the author, Lorrie Bell Hawkins, introduces readers to a group of barn cats who have graced her life. As she brings words to their lives, the reality of a barn cat’s world is brought sharply into focus. More>>

Cat Owner’s Home Veterinary Book
Whether you share your home with one cat or ten, The Cat Owner’s Home Veterinary Handbook contains everything you need to help your cat or kitten stay healthy. This newly revised, comprehensive, user-friendly guide to cat health and care should be on every cat lover’s bookshelf.  More>>

Who Moved My Mouse?
Just as the title suggests, Who Moved My Mouse is a whimsical look at the lives of cats. Although most cats don’t believe they need help (and some may be beyond help) this book offers them a touch of reality for them. More>>

Cat Owner’s Home Veterinary Book
This newly revised, comprehensive, user-friendly guide to cat health and care should be on every cat lover’s bookshelf. Whether you share your home with one cat or ten. More>>

Cat Confessions
I have my own confession to make about this book- “I loved it!” Purrfectly suited for a lovely gift for any cat lover.  Cat Confessions would fit perfectly on any cat owner’s bookshelves. More>>

Cat Yoga
Reclaim your funny-bone. Let laughter move you as you read through this colorful guide uncovering the real reason why cats are so athletic and limber. More>>

by Karen Wormald

How to Work Like a Cat
It's a good thing that this book is only 6”x6” because it can be easily smuggled into work and slipped inside your desk drawer without being noticed. More>>

 by: Carolyn M. Vella and John J. McGonalgle

Breeding Pedigreed Cats
If you are serious about entering the highly competitive world of the Cat Breeders, this book is an excellent guide for you. Understanding such a complex world can be perplexing for “newbies” who do not have a mentor or a clear understanding about what breeding cats ethically is all about. More >>

by: Bonnie Pemberton

The Cat Master
Throughout the journey, the reader will meet with various critters. Jett the evil one-eyed gray and black striped cat trying to thwart Buddy at every turn, Pris the gentle, shy calico, Zekki  the mischievous but courageous white kitty, Soot, a black cat injured but undaunted and many others. More >>

by: Dusty Rainbolt

Prepare for an out of the extraordinary ride into the world of the supernatural. In Ghost Cats, author Dusty Rainbolt presents over seventy true accountings of ghostly encounters of the feline kind. More>>

 By Liz Palika

The book (cover and illustrations) is as appealing as the cat treats you will inside. Heads over tails, the best Cat Treat Cookbook found on the market today. Liz Palika, in her concern for a cat’s well-being has enlisted the help of Deb Eldredge DVM to be sure the treats she has collected is completely safe for cats. More >>

If you are able to read this book without shedding a single tear, than I fear for your humanity.

Urban tails take you a beautifully photographed heart-wrenching journey into the lives of strays and feral cats struggling to survive in the cities. More >>

PETiQuette by Amy Shojai- In a direct and friendly fashion, Amy Shojai takes the mystery out of problems occurring in multi-pet households.  Tackling all the common behavior issues between cats and dogs, Mrs. Shojai presents you with a user-friendly guide and problem solver.  A must- have resource tool for any home!

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Persian Cats

Persian cats prefer staying relatively quiet. They are docile, loving cats.


Ragdoll cats prefer to stay low to the ground, rather than in high places


Ragamuffins are calm and can handle most types of child’s play