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Cat Tips

Cat Tips presents timely tips to make sharing your life with your cat one of comfort and convenience.
Check in here weekly to find the next tip, or surf the archives for past tips.? If you have a cat tip of your own, send it in via email.  Perhaps it will be the next one displayed.

  • Tired of sticky clumps at the bottom of your litter pan? After scrubbing your litter pans, spray the inside tray with PAM Cooking Spray. Let it air dry for a few minutes then dump clean litter on top.
  • Is your cat peeing in a corner? If you have taken the cat to the vet’s and you know he is healthy, buy a computer mat and turn it upside down on the spot where the cat is urinating. The prongs are unpleasant to the pads of their feet.
  • Clumping litter stuck between your kitten’s pads? Use Crisco shortening to soften the litter and remove the clumps. Then take a warmed towel and gently wipe the pad. Switch to regular clay litter until the kitten is grown up to stop this from occurring.
  • Does your cat attack your feet when you walk around the house? Take a long piece of parachute cord or fishing line, tie a feathered toy to one end, and a steel clip to the other end of the line. Clip the toy on the back of your jeans and wear this while you walk around the house. Your cat will attack the toy and stop attacking you.
  • Is marijuana bad for your cat? Although some people believe that giving their cat pot is a good idea, it can cause hallucinations, seizures, brain damage and death. Give your cat catnip instead!
  • Finicky eater? Cat not eating? Check and see what you are feeding your cat in. If it is a bowl, switch to a flat plate or cookie sheet. If cat’s knock their whiskers against anything, they will back away and this can stop them eating.
  • Does your cat spray? Check out the newest gadget in town for an early alert to the spraying activity www.sprayalert.com
  • When socializing a stray cat or a feral cat, do not make direct eye contact. If you accidentally meet his gaze, blink your eyes slowly several times, lower your head and back away to remove the threat.
  • Going to the vet with an agitated cat? Take a dark cloth, spray the underside of the cloth with Feliway Spray™ Drape the cloth over the carrier and transport the cat to the vet while the carrier is covered.
  • Keep your litter scoop clean by washing the scoop daily in hot water and antibacterial soap. Air dry and spray the scoop with PAM cooking spray to stop clumps from clinging.
  • Cats in your drapery cords? Take small sections of PVC pipe and cut to fit. Make small slits in each end of the pipe; mount the pipe vertically on the wall near the cords. Drop the cords through the pipe, bring it up and around until there is no cord left, then secure it by tucking it under. You can paint the pipe flat white, or cover it with contact paper to match your décor. Or have your kids decorate it with cat motif.
  • Cats trying to get out of the window? Plastic trellis screen works well. Cut to fit, wedge in with screws. Make sure the holes are not big enough for a cat or kitten to get their head in. You can keep your windows open all the time with these in your windows.
  • Don’t send mixed messages: If your cat is scratching your carpet, buy a hardwood scratching post or one covered with sisal rope. Buy several; make sure they are sturdy and tall.
  • Black spots on chin? This is more than likely cat acne. You can clean the area with hydrogen peroxide and warm water on a cotton ball. Scrub gently. Also be sure you are feeding the cat on either glass metal or ceramic plates. Plastic can breed bacteria
  • Cat unwilling to drink? Get a large glass bowl and drop some marbles or aquarium rock inside. Fill with clean water. Or invest in a pet fountain, cats don’t like stagnant water.
  • Cats jumping on counter? Buy some rubber placemats and put them up on the counter, rubber side up. When the cat jumps, the placemats will slide and the cat will jump down. Or buy small helium filled balloons and stick them on the sides of the counter with tape. Use a small fan to hit the balloons and make them move.
  • Cat at the vets for an extended stay? Take an old towel or blanket and sleep with it close to your body. Bring the item to your vet’s office and tell the girls you don’t care if something happens to the item, but you want your cat to have it. Your scent will calm him.
  • Cat in a tree? Buy several large bags of birdseed and pour all of it down below on the ground. When the birds come, the cat will come down the tree to hunt.
  • Microchip your cat! Collars can be choking hazards and can be removed easily.
  • Cat feverish? The only way to truly tell if a cat is running a fever is to take their temperature. You can apply Rubbing Alcohol to the pads of their feet, but then call your vet. Feverish cats dehydrate quickly.
  • Need a place for your cat to climb? Buy a sturdy step ladder, cover it with astro turf or carpet and set it up for your cat to play on.
  • Cat playing with toilet paper roll? Put the roll into a sealed plastic container, or just let your cat have some harmless fun with the roll of paper.
  • Cat won’t let you trim her claws? Wait until she is asleep, and then sit next to her. Start off slow, first touch her back foot with a finger gently, and then pick up her foot. Once she stops pulling away, advance to massaging her foot and pad, then spreading her toes and touching her claws. This takes weeks not days to accomplish. Don’t be in a hurry, it takes time.
  • Fleas on your cat? Do not use over-the-counter products to rid your cat of fleas. Talk to your vet and go with his recommendation.
  • Multi-cat household? Be sure to keep your alpha cat’s dominance in mind. Feed the alpha first, pet the alpha first. Your alpha cat is the one who seeks the highest spot on the house to rest and watch over the others.
  • Kitty litter? Use shredded paper or rabbit pellets (rabbit food) for young kittens. They like to sample cat litter from time to time, so better be safe than sorry.
  • Tuna is not better! Feed tuna fish to your cat sparingly. The juice can be too oily, to briny or way too salty. Try instead the cat freeze dried fish treats available online and at pet stores.
  • Does your cat run away from being groomed? Purchase a Zoom Groom and give your cat a massage as well as a good brushing.
  • Lifting hair off of sofas, cushions, and cat condos. Buy a metal curry comb. Horse owners use it to clean off their brushes after grooming. It lifts hair up immediately and doesn’t damage fabric.
  • If your dry cat food is red, don’t buy it! Stay with the lighter colored cat food and avoid the chance of your cat contracting cancer later in life.
  • Cat hissing at her image in the mirror? Spray the bottom of the mirror with Feliway Spray by Farnum Pet™
  • Allergic to cats? Allerpet-C is available to help you with your allergy to cat dander
  • Pregnant and worried about toxoplasmosis? Don’t get rid of your cat! Use rubber gloves and proper hygiene methods or get your husband to scrub out the litter pans. Black & Decker makes a great battery powered scrubber that really works good on litter pans (even if that wasn’t their intention for this Scrub Buster™
  • Is your older cat howling at night? Take him in to the vet and ask for a senior panel to be done on him. Also start burning a night light so he can see in the house at night.
  • Constipated kitty? A vet appointment would be advisable first of all. However, try adding a small amount of canned pumpkin (uncooked) to the wet food if that doesn’t work then please go to the vet
  • Cat/Kitten have diarrhea? Vet visit should be first! But giving the cat/kitten one of the following may help: cooked rice, low-fat yogurt, cooked and shredded chicken (no spices).
  • Is your cat dehydrated? While the cat is at rest, lightly scruff the neck and pinch gently. Hold for a second then release. The skin should not stay tented up. If it does VET NOW!
  • Do not give your cat cooked bones. They can splinter in her mouth and cause problems in the mouth and internally as well.
  • If you free feed your cats’ dry kibble, the kibble can air spoil in 15 minutes. Look for automatic food dispensers instead to keep your cat healthy.
  • Check your dryer each time before you run a load! Dryers are favorite places for cats and kittens to hide or try to sleep. Just reach in and be sure that no cat is snuggled down into the clothes before turning on the machine.
  • Cat chewing electrical cords? Radio Shack has flex tubing you can buy and wrap up the cords, or cut small sections of board, duct tape the cords to the board and turn the board toward the wall.
  • Cat tipping over garbage pail? Place a bag of cat litter in the bottom of the trash can to keep it from tipping over.
  • Golf balls are not good cat toys. Some golf balls have toxic liquid inside. Use ping pong balls instead.
  • Never use a human heating pad on a small kitten or a cat. Pet heating pads or heated cat beds should be an essential item for any cat owner. Human heating pads can easily burn the skin of a kitten or a cat.
  • Have a cat that wants to sit on the balcony? Buy a large fishing net and drape your balcony. Secure the net with 2x4’s cut to fit so the cat can’t get over or under the netting. It is nearly invisible from the ground and from the distance. Set potted plants (non-toxic) on the floor to help weigh the net down. Your cat will be climbing this net so be sure it is secure.
  • Never take a cat to the vet without a cat carrier. Even a severely injured cat can become frightened and bolt from their owner’s arms.
  • Flea collars should be avoided at all costs. Many cats are susceptible to the concentrated levels of toxins inside of a collar.
  • If your white cat likes to lie in the sun, apply sunscreen to the tip of the nose, and the inside of the ears. Cats can burn easily and skin cancers aren’t just for humans
  • Is your cat listless? Lethargic? Check for low blood pressure by gently pressing your finger against your cat’s gums. The gums should be pink and turn white once they are pressed than back to pink. If the gums are white, are streaked white or don’t turn white when pressed call your VET!
  • Cat in heat? Keep her inside. If she gets outside, she will become pregnant. If she has just delivered kittens, keep her and kittens inside as well. She will go back into heat in 24 hours after the last kitten is born.
  • Cats digging in indoor plants? Buy a bottle of Habanero Pepper (powdered) and sprinkle a tiny bit in the soil. A little goes a long way!
  • Need to give your cat a pill? Try the new Pill Pockets available at local pet retail stores. Great invention!

  1. Korat
  2. Balinese
  3. Javanese
  4. Japanese Bobtail
  5. Somali
  6. Abyssinian
  7. Turkish Van
  8. Siamese
  9. Egyptian Mau
  10. Oriental Shorthair
  11. Tonkinese
  12. Bengal
  13. Norwegian Forest Cat
  14. Cornish Rex
  15. Siberian

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