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Ceramic Pet Fountain - More than Just a Drink of Water

The website more-than-just-a-drink-of- water showcases Eberhard Basler, Ceramic  Artist and his pet fountain creations. Drawing inspiration from the state he lives in (Florida) Eberhard (or Ebi as he likes to be called) re-creates in stunning detail, the beauty of the flora and fauna that surrounds him. Ceramic pet fountains that are not only charming and whimsical but ones that will fit into your home décor. No more plastic parts to deal with or noisy pumps, Ebi’s pet fountains are soothing, flowing water (very feng shui) taking the harmony of Nature and inserting it into your home environment.

Every time I pass by my custom-made ceramic pet fountain, I have to smile. Charming and whimsical, this electronic pet fountain is truly artistry in motion and much more than a drink of water. A little green ceramic frog shoots water out into a large bowl. At first the cats were curious about the frog. Some of them play in our creek and bring frogs back up to the house, but finally realizing this frog wasn’t on the menu but instead delivers water to them on a daily basis they have accepted him.

Sculpted with love and care, containing no harmful glazes or resins, the fountain comes in four parts that are (I am happy to say) cat-proof. You have a wide-base decorative bowl, a lid with a spout where the water shoots from, a filter that accepts the standard pet fountain filter and a submersible pump.

When you place your order, Artist Eberhard gives you several options so you can have a hand at helping to build your pet fountain from the ground up.  His options are:

  • What size would you like?
  • What drinking height?
  • What kind of rim?
  • What type of spout?
  • What kind of filter?
  • What type of pump?
  • What color do you want?

You will feel like a kid in a candy store! The end result being a wonderfully crafted pet fountain that holds instant appeal to all the cats and it is a great conversation piece (not to mention a beautiful work of art) to compliment your home.

In some pet fountains, my cats have found that they can remove the top lid and snatch up the filter. I have found both the lid and the filters in the strangest places (including the litter pan). With Ebi’s ceramic pet fountain, the filter is well protected, and the lid too heavy for even the craftiest kitty to remove. The small drain filter is also designed so kitty can’t get her paws on it to play hide-n-seek.

Functional, beautiful and easy to maintain both you and your cat will love having one in your home. Fired in an electric kiln, the stoneware is solid and waterproof. The fountains are a gift to behold made by a gifted artist. Visit www.just-add-water.us and drink in the sights.

4 Paws Up from the entire Miller Kitty Crew and 5 stars from their human.

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