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Felinexpress.com Home > Cat Product Reviews > Cat Furniture > �Stairway to Heaven� Cat Condos

“Stairway to Heaven” Cat Condos

Keeping harmony in a multi-cat home can prove difficult. Trying to maintain the balance inside the home while dealing with different cat personalities can tax even the sanest person. Providing multiple sleeping spots both vertical and horizontal around the house is crucial in keeping the peace. When the Alpha cats develop a devilish attitude and begin to take-over every sleeping spot in the house, cat mutiny isn’t far behind. www.felinefurniture.com  understands the importance of keeping felines happy. Their furniture reflects the care and consideration given to their primary customers- Your cats!

The Stairway to Heaven is one of their more advanced, popular designs. Easy to assemble, it represents a little bit of heaven to multi-cat owners, supplying sleeping spots on various levels for a myriad of cats along with an ample play area for the same. Designed to be installed quickly, the pieces interlock easily. All that is needed for this assembly is a hammer and a few minutes of your time.

When The Stairway to Heaven cat condo arrived, I was prepared. Past experiences with cat furniture from this company prompted me to act accordingly. I dumped all the contents of the box on the carpet. Carpeted beams, plush hammocks and cozy cat condos and plastic connectors lay in a heap. I would sort through them later, right now, I was on a quest. My Review Crew were assembling nearby- with their intervention, I found what I was looking for quickly; a small bag of premium catnip.

“Stairway to Heaven” Cat Condos

Setting the now empty condo box some distance away from the work zone, I sprinkled the catnip into the box. Within minutes, the kittens were diving for the heavenly herb. Now that they were entertained (and distracted) I could get to work. No worries about the Review Crew climbing up unfinished sections, or stealing the spring action cat toy. I wouldn’t have to follow Hurricane Charlie up the stairs, begging him to let go of the plastic connector that I knew  was headed for the litter pan (Charlie’s burial ground for coveted treasure). Peace reigned around me (if you can call a roomful of kittens high on nip) peaceful!

Within a half-hour the unit was assembled and placed in our dining room. The idea behind this furniture is based on the concept of Tinker Toys™ using plastic connectors and carpeted beams allows the owner to build the condo upwards and outwards. Once, fully assembled, the unit can be pulled apart in sections and rebuilt in minutes. The unit locks together so with an aid of small hammer, I pounded the pieces in place. The Promised Land was ready and so were the cats. I opened up the door and let my Review Crew into the room. They were poised and ready for their mission.

Stepping back out of the way, I surveyed the scene. The Stairway to Heaven measures 78"H x 48"W x 78"D. The unit indeed resembles a staircase, giving my Alpha cats several levels of comfort along with the distinct advantage of being able to choose how high they wanted to climb. Speak of the devil, my strongest Alpha, Charlie had already claimed the highest hammock. He blissfully settled down for a nap while his subjects played below. I will remain eternally grateful to felinefurniture for understanding cats and their needs. Having their product in my home is a true blessing for me and rapture for my cats.

Retails: $274.00

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