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Felinexpress.com home > Cat Care > Human Foods Cats Can Eat

Top 10 Human Foods Cats CAN Eat

Itís so tempting to give your cat scraps off your plate, but some food fit for humans are not safe for cats to eat. Here is a list provided just for your catís pleasure and your convenience.

Cream cheese and catnip balls- Donít let the cream cheese go soft, keep it in the refrigerator until you are ready to make these cat treats. Roll the cream cheese up into small balls and roll in crushed organic catnip. (Regular catnip often has pesticides used on the plants as they grow.) So the safe way is the organic way. Keep in the freezer until right before you are ready to treat your cat. Let the balls stand out in room temperature before serving. Cost: Under $6.00

Chicken Broth on Ice- Cook a whole chicken in unseasoned water. Strain off the broth and put the broth into ice cube trays. If you donít have any ice cube trays check your local thrift shop. Freeze until ready to serve then set in a small saucer and give to kitty. This is especially popular with my crew on a hot, summer day. Cost: Under $4.00
Spray Cheese- This can be used to give pills, treat a kitty or put on top of food that a picky eater has rejected. My vet uses it every time he worms a cat or when he is trying to get a cat to eat who has gone off their food. Cost: Under $3.00

Braunswager- This liver sausage is always popular with cats. It is something you can give a kitten who is anemic. You can also hide pills inside for the cat who doesnít want to swallow a pill. Cost: Under $3.00

Nancyís Plain Yogurt with Active Cultures- Put a small amount of yogurt next to a dish of food for kitty. This special yogurt is packed full of probiotics and can stop kitties from upset stomach. Aids in the digestive system and even helps to eliminate hairballs if fed on a regular basis. Cost: Under $2.00

Beef tongue- Inexpensive, cooked beef tongue is a favorite kitty treat at my home. I grate it up after it has been cooked and put in the freezer (after being cooled) for just a few hours. I keep the gratings in a covered food container and use it to enhance their dry food. Cost: Under $7.00

Canned pumpkin- Not the pie mixture, just the canned pumpkin (organic is best). Put a small dish of canned pumpkin out for your new kitten. It will aid in the digestive system stopping stomach upset. Also stops some diarrhea (depending on the cause) Cost: Under $3.00

Cooked green beans- Steam the beans and add butter, let the beans cool and mash them down. Put a small dish out at feeding time. The fiber is good for the cat. Cost: Under $3.00

Baby food- Used in moderation, meat-flavored baby food is a good addition to a kittyís diet. Be sure and check the label and avoid any baby food that contains onion powder. Cost: about $1.00 a jar

Air-popped popcorn Ėno oil just butter- Not only is this good for them to eat because of the fiber, but they love to play with it. Air popped popcorn when hit with cat paws can really travel! Cost: Under $4.00

All of these foods are safe and cats can have them. They can eat them often but like all foods, these cat treats are best if used sparingly. Donít use these treats as normal cat feed. Keeping your cat on a combination dry and wet food diet is best for him/her. But these treats add specialness in the day for you and your cat.

  1. Korat
  2. Balinese
  3. Javanese
  4. Japanese Bobtail
  5. Somali
  6. Abyssinian
  7. Turkish Van
  8. Siamese
  9. Egyptian Mau
  10. Oriental Shorthair
  11. Tonkinese
  12. Bengal
  13. Norwegian Forest Cat
  14. Cornish Rex
  15. Siberian

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