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I did a rotation as a fleet trainer. For those of you who may not know what a fleet trainer is, I had the responsibility of training up-and-coming truck drivers.

Two men in a semi cab is crowded enough, but add cats to the mix and it gets sticky. This meant all my feline passengers would be attending summer camp in foster care. After summer’s end, I headed home to round up my crew.

All the cats were in pretty good shape. Bari needed me, and he kneaded me. He let me know in no uncertain kitty terms that separation is not on his favorite list!

While I was there at the foster home, this big, black ball of fur jumped into my lap. “Who is this?” I asked.

 “That’s Pepper”, came the reply. Then I asked for Pepper’s story...

Pepper’s previous owner had remarried. His new wife hated Pepper. To me, that would have been a red-flag to rethink the marriage. But his owner decided to get rid of the cat. Therefore, Pepper was in foster care.

I left with my crew. For some reason, my thoughts kept returning to Pepper. I really like lap cats. Pepper, a big, clumsy dolt, he just wanted a person all of his own.

Several weeks later, I received a call from my foster. She told me she needed to reduce the number of cats in her home. Knowing I had shown an interest in Pepper, she asked if I would give Pepper a new home.

Without hesitation, I answered, “Yes, I’d love to have him”. I didn’t need another cat. But, Pepper needed me and daggone it, I really liked him.
So, I took Pepper and commenced spoiling him.

He’s a talkative cat in a conversationalist kind of way. He’s almost ten years old, but he is cat-personified. He’s calm but not aloof. He’s friendly but not needy. He’s dignified as only a cat can be.

I love the way he eats. He lies down at the bowl putting his face into his food. When he drinks water, he moves the water bowl to a position he prefers. Once the bowl is situated to his liking, he drinks to his heart’s contents. There is usually water all over his chin when he is done.

If you’re looking for Pepper in my truck, look on my bed or somewhere within five feet of me. There he will be. Let a can of food pop open and Pepper is there.

I call him “Hamburger Helper” because when I get back on the truck with a hamburger, Pepper insists on helping me eat it.

When it comes to treats, Pepper’s preference is all of the above. Where my other cats might prefer one treat over another, Pepper will eat anything you offer.  The only thing he won’t eat is peanut butter. It sticks to the roof of his mouth and annoys him (because then he can’t talk to me for a few minutes) until he moves his water bowl.

To his former owner I can only say, I won’t make the same mistake you did. Pepper is staying. If the new lady in my life doesn’t like cats, well there’s the door.

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