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Look what the Cat Dragged In…

All I wanted was a cat all my own. So, I adopted a kitten, a cute little tortie I named “Zoey.” I got her from a local rescue group and keeping them up-to-date on Zoey’s progress, my conversations with them helped me realize the scope of the animal overpopulation crisis. This observation led to me investigating ways I could make contributions to the animal welfare effort.

I drive an eighteen-wheeler cross-country for a living. After sixteen years of being behind the wheel of this rig, the thrill has faded. Replacing the thrill was monotony. Having a furry friend to share time with certainly made time on the road much more enjoyable. Zoey’s meow melts my heart daily.

What an anomaly, to see a big, burly trucker treating a kitten like a child. She needs protection, a caring hand and lots of love. She reciprocates in her own fashion by wanting to spend her time close to me. Her unselfish love inspired me to begin helping other animals in distress.

I started off slowly, taking cats in need to veterinarian appointments for the animal rescue group that saved Zoey. It was the least I could do for them.

I think the “hook” was set by a cat I had taken custody of from Suffolk Animal Control. I named him Tucker. This animal certainly deserved better and after getting him run through our groups vetting procedure and seeing him adopted into a good home, changing his fate served to seal my own.

The purchase of a laptop computer and the advent of Wi-Fi Internet access at truckstops opened up a wider world for me and allowed me to help out more animals in need from virtually anywhere. In my spare time, I started building websites for animal rescue groups, shelters, and anyone else who shared my belief that too many animals end up in shelters facing uncertain futures.

Looking back, my first sites were pretty cheesy. Now however, some consider my most recent work on the professional level. I’ve been told I could make money at this questionable skill, but my reward comes from delivering a product that those who need it most could never afford. I’ve made some great friends while causing others great consternation by challenging the “way we’ve always done things” type of attitude that I run into occasionally. Driving a truck is my job, but using the Internet and my time off to help groups in need has indeed become my passion.

This adventure started four years ago, when all I wanted was a cat. What I got was a new direction in life. I couldn’t stand the thought that so many animals were handed an unwarranted death sentence. I wanted to do something to save as many as I could. After all, a kitten named Zoey was instrumental in saving me.

I now have over half a dozen animal-related websites I have built and manage. There are more in the works. It seems that I am working harder at this than I do at my actual “work”.  My life has changed-dramatically.  When I meet people who want to share their life with a cat, I have to grin for a moment. Then I turn that grin into a wide smile and ask them one question:

“Are you sure you want a cat?”

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  11. Tonkinese
  12. Bengal
  13. Norwegian Forest Cat
  14. Cornish Rex
  15. Siberian

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