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Felinexpress.com Home > Cat Product Reviews > Top Ten Cat Products for 2011

Top Ten Cat Products for 2011

This is my end- of- the- year wrap-up of products for cats and cat lovers. Some of these products are not brand-new for the year, but “Oldies but Goodies” that work with both cats and cat-lovers. They have been tested and re-tested by the illustrious Miller Kitties or myself and wholeheartedly approved.

1. Cat Owner’s Home Veterinary Handbook Third Edition by Debra M. Eldredge, DVM, Delbert G. Carlson, DVM, Liisa D. Carlson, DVM and James M. Griffin, MD- If this book isn’t on your shelf it should b. The extensive research involved in putting this book together is impressive and it has been a life-saver many times over for the kitties who have arrived at my home. Not a stocking stuffer, but one to wrap up with care and place in the hands of any cat lover.

2. Nekoflies- more popular in this home of multiple kitties than Da Bird, Nekoflies coaxes even the most timid of cat out from hiding to engage in play. The bugs  and critters on the end of the line are so realistic that kitties have no choice but to begin to prey. Fun and engaging and almost indestructible! http://tinyurl.com/72qk9a6

3. More than just a drink of water finds you on Eberhard Basler, Ceramic Artist’s website. This creation is not only a pet fountain it is a pure work of art. Although the design is not simple by any measure, caring for this pet fountain certainly is easy. My cats were just as enchanted with this creation as I am and the longer it sits in my home, the more I respect the artist behind the work. Caring for it is simple and it takes a regular filter.  An instant attraction here at home, the cats’ now only drink from this fountain and let me know when it is low and needs to be refilled. http://www.just-add-water.us/

4. Feral Cat House by Felinefurniture.com – Purrfect for the outdoor cat battling the elements. Sturdy, economical and practical this outdoor cat home offers full protection from the weather; made in the United States with only American-made products. http://tinyurl.com/6rdl77v


5. World’s Tallest Cat Furniture by felinefurniture shows your cat(s) The Sky’s the Limit! This furniture is well-constructed, an instant cat magnet and kitty can wear himself out by running up and down the towering structure. Best of all, when it does wear-out all you do is replace the pieces and rebuild for pennies. This has proven time and again to be one of the most popular cat condos in our home.


6. Litter Lifter making a dirty job easier. This wide-handled litter scoop has the capability of scooping up any waste; clumping, clay or pelleted litter with ease.  Cuts litter maintenance in half. If you have arthritis in your wrist or hand, this scoop is kinder to your bones.  The longer handle means you are further away from the mess at hand.


7. Is your kitty bored? SmartCat offers the Peek A Prize Toy Box. Just be careful, once your kitties discover this new prey-toy in the house, your carpet  soon becomes littered with small objects that they fling about. Great fun for the kitties and entertaining for family members as well. Order through Amazon.com



8. The title says it all: The Complete Cat’s Meow by Darlene Arden. Young or old, inexperienced or seasoned cat lover this book covers the wide range of information you need towards understanding the feline influence in your life. Years in the making it shows with the thorough research undertaken to give pertinent information to the reader while dispelling popular myths. Not only will you read it cover to cover for the first time, but if you share your life with a cat, you will soon be turning back to the pages in search of answers towards feline understanding.

9. Furry Mice- They have been around for years but are always an instant hit with the kitties. On caveat however- don’t buy the heavily dyed ones. Those dyes may be harmful to your kitties in the long run especially for the mice made out of the United States. Another caution; before you give your cats the mice, cut the tails off. The cat won’t care and your vet will thank you for understanding that tails get eaten and can become an obstruction in the cat’s system (depending on the material used to make the tail). Cut off any parts that can be chewed off; eyes, noses, whiskers THEN give the mice to the kitty. You can find them at any pet supply or even grocery store.

10. Petmate Cat Crazies- Inexpensive, entertaining and safe for kitty to play with. Cat Crazies does just that, makes your cat crazy for play! Best to use on tile or hardwood floor, kitties can slide them, toss them, flip them or throw them. Mine love to play fetch with them.  Supervised play only and if they become damaged best to toss them out and go buy more. Order through Amazon.com

  1. Korat
  2. Balinese
  3. Javanese
  4. Japanese Bobtail
  5. Somali
  6. Abyssinian
  7. Turkish Van
  8. Siamese
  9. Egyptian Mau
  10. Oriental Shorthair
  11. Tonkinese
  12. Bengal
  13. Norwegian Forest Cat
  14. Cornish Rex
  15. Siberian

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