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Wee Cleaner - Dealing with Pet Urine Odor

If you share your life with more than two cats, chances are strong (no pun intended)  that urine odor becomes an issue for you from time to time. Introducing new cats into your home becomes a challenge, if one of your resident cats decides to spray his signature scent through your home; his way of telling the newcomer that He is in charge.  You will be able to smell his pee mail- you might not be able to find it.

Locating cat urine requires a darkened room, a black light, some masking tape, rubber gloves and a bottle of Wee Cleaner. Once the lights are doused, shine your black light around the room in question. Your target- bright green neon colored dots and streams of urine. Using your gloves, apply the wee cleaner on all the fluorescent spots and stains you find- or mark the spots with your masking tape. Once the lights are back on, remove the tape and apply Wee Cleaner (a spray bottle works well).

Let the room air-dry then check the room with the black light a few nights later. It may be necessary to re-apply the product in order for it to be fully effective. Wee Cleaner will not remove any stains left by the urine. But it will remove the odor and dissuade your pet from returning to the same place to re-mark.

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