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City Pet Clears the Air

Tired of the stale air near your litter pans? Do your eyes water when you are scooping waste and cleaning up after your cats? City Pet understands the frustrations that come with daily litter pan maintenance. The unit is small, but powerful sending a pleasant scent in the air while eliminating harmful bacteria, litter dust, pet dander and other airborne particles. This action goes a long way in preventing allergies from flaring up, not only does it keep the dust out of your cat’s lungs but also out of yours. Great for second-hand smoke too!

If you or your children are afflicted with asthma or other respiratory illnesses, City Pet Ionic Cat Litter Box Purifier provides the answer to your dilemma. Just like a magnet, the unit effectively traps dust and debris preventing these contaminants from finding a host body to inhabit and annoy.

Flipping the unit over, you will find a small hinged door that opens quickly with the help of one thin dime. Inside, you will see a pocket where you can pour the scented beads; vanilla, lavender and lemon included in every order. Once the door is locked down and the unit turned on, the scent beads quietly start to work.

Do you follow the Cat Show circuit traveling frequently with your show cats? City Pet includes a handy charger that plugs into your car.

The unit will also eliminate bathroom odors keeping mold and mildew at bay.

If kitty is prone to nervous accidents on the way to the vet-the scent beads help clear up the air quickly. One simple click of a button no more dusting and goodbye stale air.

Retails: $29.95  Visit City Pet for more details.

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