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Litter Box Odor Dragging You Down?

Searching online or locally for products that mask litter box odor can not only be daunting but confusing. There are sprays, powders even air fresheners that all claim to stop litter pan odor. The problem is most of these products mask or cover-up the odor of an often-used litter pan. They do not eliminate the odor.

There is a breath of fresh air on the horizon. With this product, there is no need to shake, spray or set anything on or near your litter pans. This product works along with the food the cat eats (both wet and dry). The product is called CrystalxFreshKitty developed by the clever folks at Smart Energetics.

When I first learned of this product and how it works, I was skeptical. It works on the concept of quantum physics. CrystalxFreshKitty comes in a sealed bottle, one that you simply drop into a bucket of dry cat food (unbagged) or stand next to your stack of canned cat food in the cupboard. The instructions clearly state: “Do not unseal this bottle.”

My test subjects for this product were eleven newly-rescued kittens living in our bedroom. They had eight litter pans situated around the room. Some of the kittens were fighting bacterial infections that became so odorous that at times, I wished for a HazMat suit to change out their litter pans. I really hoped this product would deliver as promised.

Per product instructions, I dumped a bag of kitten chow into a six gallon bucket with lid and submerged one unopened CrystalxFreshKitty bottle. I would scoop out the food as normal and just let the bottle do its magic.

Within one week, there was a noticeable difference when I went to clean out the litter pans. Bending over to scoop, my eyes no longer watered from the odor. I didn’t have to hold my breath when scooping the pans. My skepticism quickly changed to amazement along with thankfulness that a difficult job suddenly became easier and less tedious to perform.

A second bottle was added, this time to the stacks of canned cat food on my pantry shelf. With over two-dozen cat within my cageless cat sanctuary, I was hoping for fewer odors to contend with. Within a few days time, I got my wish.

CrystalxFreshKitty does not harm your cat nor touch your food. It is affordable, simple to use and brings about a welcome change in the atmosphere of your home. There are no heavy perfumes or fruity odors clinging in the air; nothing to plug in, nothing to set near your litter pans to scare your cats into litter pan avoidance. When you clean up their poop and pee, you are simply left along with your cat(s) breathing fresh air. What a welcome change.

To learn more visit their website: http://crystalxfreshkitty.com/

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