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Felinexpress.com Home > Cat Product Reviews > Cat Litter > Blue Jay Litter Pan

Blue Jay Litter Pan by SturdiProducts

Although billed as a litter pan, the Blue Jay litter pan can function as a cat bed, a cat feeder, or a water trough for your cats.  This foldable cloth box is water-tight, machine washable and can hold up to two gallons of cat litter or liquids. In a multi-cat home this makes for an excellent food tray or cat bed. You can even use it to bathe a kitten! Portable, affordable and easy to stow away, take it with you to the vet, or camping or use it if you are shipping a kitten or a cat. It also is a great way to keep your cats toys together, with low enough sides that the cat can easily get in and out of this to fetch his toys. There are endless possibilities for this innovative product:

  • Litter pan
  • Water tray
  • Food tray
  • Toy box
  • Emergency preparation box
  • Supplies for kitties box
  • First-aid box
  • Travel box
  • Cat bed
  • Kitten bathtub
  • Litter box for inside cat carrier

Don’t stop there though, for you can use it for your two-legged kids or for your own use. Foldable, durable secure it with a snap, take it along in your purse on family vacations. It can hold any number of crayons and coloring books, kids’ books or baby needs. Pack it with ice and place it at the bottom of your cooler, pile sodas and waters around it. Or, back on the four-legged kitty front, sprinkle organic catnip inside the tray and step back and watch the feline entertainment.
Visit www.sturdiproduct.com  for more information 
Retail: $24.95

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