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Emery Cat Board Review - Cat Scratching Paradise?

I’ve never had a scratching post here at the house that the Review Crew has completely ignored...until now. The Emery Cat Scratcher (as seen on T.V.) has been on-board here now for over two weeks, and none of my cats are remotely interested in trying it out. Not even when I sprinkle the board with the “irresistible catnip” that came with the order.

The claims (as seen on T.V and online) are lofty:

  • Now your cat can trim his own claws!
  • The Fun, New Scratcher where your cat gives himself a pedicure while he plays!
  • Perfect for Scratching and Stretching

Well who wouldn’t want to forgo the struggle of holding a cat in your lap, trying to hold on to a paw and clip the nail while making sure the cat doesn’t fight to the point where you cut the quick and run for the styptic powder.

Emery Cat Board Review

I picked my unit up at a local grocery store and when my cats refused to use it- I thought well, perhaps it is a knock-off and not the real thing. So I went to the website and ordered one directly. And here the nightmare began. According to the website, you can order two Emery Cat Scratchers for the price of one ($19.95) however, after I jumped through all the online hoops, I found that I had a credit card charge for $66.70! Trying to reach the company proved fruitless. You get into the recording voice only mode and no living, breathing person ever came to the phone. I ended up contacting my credit card company cancelling the order through them and once the package arrives, I intend to shoot it right back at them un-opened.

The other Emery Cat Scratcher is now in the trash. The one cat who did finally use it- ended up almost pulling off one of his claws! He got his claw hooked on the unit, couldn’t extract himself and pulled the darn unit down the stairs where he promptly fell on his back with the unit on his tummy. He freaked out and it took him about three hours to calm down. The look he gave me when I extracted him from his situation clearly said; “Did I really sign up for this gig?”

A big Paws Down for this Emery Cat Board Scratcher both from the Review Crew and me-

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  2. Balinese
  3. Javanese
  4. Japanese Bobtail
  5. Somali
  6. Abyssinian
  7. Turkish Van
  8. Siamese
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  10. Oriental Shorthair
  11. Tonkinese
  12. Bengal
  13. Norwegian Forest Cat
  14. Cornish Rex
  15. Siberian

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