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Cat’s Paw Cat Toy

Captain David Bill of IslandTime Pet Toys is the Nautical Science Instructor at Tabor Academy in Marion. Drawing on his love for the sea and his Boy Scout background, Captain Dave has crafted this enticing cat toy out of 100% cotton string. The essence of this string toy is a six-strand monkey fist, hand-tied around a one-inch jingle bell with a thirty-inch spliced lanyard. A monkey fist is the nautical term for a type of knot that resembles a small fist. Used to help secure the mooring of two ships together, the monkey fist knot is a small knotted ball attached to a longer line. The line is tossed across to the other boat and used to secure the boats together. Captain Dave has modified this tool to please your cat.

Braiding the cotton string together, looping it on one end and finishing it off with a monkey fist below forms this toy.  The loop at the top can be easily draped around a door knob- but this should not be an unsupervised toy for your cat. When you leave the room, the Cat’s Paw Toy should be stowed safely away from curious kitty teeth and claws.

For the Miller Kitties, this toy offered instant enticement. With the added lure of the jingle bell inside the monkey fist, this toy was pounced upon immediately. Holding strong against kitty claws and teeth- the Cat’s Paw Cat Toy has endured weeks of fierce kitty play.

I use this toy when I clean my house. My ankles sometimes get attacked by playful kitties, so now I trail this toy behind me (fastened to a belt loop with a strong clip) No more scratched ankles and I leave happy, tired kitties in my wake.

Visit IslandTime Pets  for more information.

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