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Felinexpress.com Home > Cat Product Reviews > Cat Toys > Butterfly Blast by Sport Pet Designs

Butterfly Blast by Sport Pet Designs Review

In theory, this interactive cat toy does indeed look like a blast. The premise is unique. Trapped within a plastic globe are multiple (tissue paper) butterflies.  A small, motorized fan (battery operated) makes up the base. Once the unit turns on, the butterflies are supposed to take flight capturing your cat’s attention. To add to the moment, the plastic globe is equipped with a small opening- a butterfly escape route. Periodically, the butterflies fly out into the room and your cat gives chase; brilliant concept right?

That’s what I thought until I turned on the unit and stepped back to watch the action. True, the cats are curious about this toy and they came running attracted by the new sound in the house. They clustered around the globe just watching and waiting.  Turns out the butterflies don’t all take flight, most stay pressed along the side of the globe in clusters not wanting to risk the suicide mission of flying out in the midst of my Test Pawlots.  When a few pieces of tissue paper did manage to escape, one or two of my cats did give chase, but left the “butterfly” lying on the rug or floor.

Butterfly Blast by Sport Pet Designs

I tried several options with this toy. I pulled out most of the butterflies, leaving just a few inside the globe, turned it on and watched and watched and watched…along with the cats in attendance - they just watched. Nothing happened except for an impressive burst of air shooting out of the butterfly escape route. You could get better action installing a bird feeder outside your window.

Using this toy is similar to having a toddler who keeps dropping his toys off his high chair. You have to keep picking the butterflies up and sticking them back into the globe. Also a concern, the tissue paper is dyed. One has to wonder if the dye is non-toxic. The instructions (limited as they are) do not disclose any information along these lines.

Butterfly Blast turned into Butterfly Bust for my Test Pawlots, works with 2 D batteries (not included.)

Retail price: $20.00

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