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Trimline Veterinary Recovery Collar

Finally! A company that understands the trauma and frustration caused when your cat is injured and on her way to recovery. In the past, after a surgery, or a traumatic injury on your pet, your vet would issue out an e-collar (short for Elizabethan collar) appropriately named, because just like the corsets that women had to struggle into during the Elizabethan Period, the e-collar is just as stiff and unyielding.  The poor cat could barely move, couldn’t eat or drink and the stress of wearing the collar often led to a longer recovery period due to the stress experienced by wearing the e-collar.

Introducing the answer to this rigid design; Trimline’s Veterinary Recovery Collar, made of a specially designed, laminated flexible fabric. Instead of causing resistance, the Trimline moves and flexes with the cat. Able to be easily slipped over the cat’s head (I  was able to slip several different sizes over my strays’ heads)  the collar rests comfortably around the neck and head.  There were only a few seconds of cats backing up while the collar was being slipped around their head, but one gentle hand on their rump, helped secure the collar around the neck. One quick tie of the drawstrings and your cat is ready for recovery to begin.

The fabric easily withstands clawing and chewing and comes available in five different sizes ranging from five and a half inches to nine-and-a-half inches.  Just a tip, when one of my Test Pawlots exhibited strong resistance to test-driving this product, a quick application of Feliway Spray around the collar’s center hole allowed the collar to quickly become “cat friendly.”  One way this collar came in handy for my group was in fighting ear mites. Using the Trimline Veterinary Recovery Collar allowed me to easily apply the drops in the ears. Neither my hands or their ears got scratched in the process.

Affordable, economical, a must for any cat owner, I give the Trimline Veterinary Recovery Collar a huge thumbs up! My cats were not amused, but I was pleased in the overall success of applying the collar and watching the cats figure out how to adapt with it around their head.

Learn more at www.trimlineinc.com   An  added plus- This collar is made in the USA!

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