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Felinexpress.com Home > Cat Product Reviews > Cat Furniture > The �Fat Cat� Line of Cat Condos

The “Fat Cat” Line of Cat Condos

“His Royal Largeness” (also known in feline circles as McKinley) approached the newly installed cat condo from www.felinefurniture.com with some hesitation. Past experiences with competitors’ models proved to McKinley time and again, that most regular-sized cat condos would not accommodate his 22 pounds of Maine Cooness. He needn’t have worried though- felinefurniture, in their mission to help the over 35% of all owned cats who are overweight, had recently introduced their “Fat Cat” Line; a line of cat furniture addressing the specific needs of larger cats. Designed to allow the larger breed  or obese cats ample room to maneuver and play, this combination cat exerciser, modular playground and nap facility although reinforced for strength remained lightweight and easy to carry.

Watching McKinley in his silent contemplation, I wish I could tell him that The Fat Cat Starter Set measures in at 18”x18.” Extensive enough to accommodate his large size, reinforced Velcro straps are included (improved from an earlier model) adding extra grip to secure plush hammocks on the unit. These straps wrap securely around 26”x18” carpeted beams.

Fat Cat Furnitures

Suddenly, McKinley leapt up and landed in the center of the plush cat condo. When it didn’t give way, I think he was surprised. (I swear he grinned!) Then he sank down into the lushness to enjoy the sunspot streaming in through the window. Once, he settled, the other cats launched into action. The carpeted beams became an instant kitty racetrack, as kittens dashed up and down the beams- barely avoiding colliding with the older cats who stopped by for a good scratch and stretch.

Finally, exhausted from play, the kittens tumbled into the spacious condo cave. Two adjoining hammocks filled up as other resident cats curled up together. With McKinley keeping careful watch above, the crew slept. It didn’t matter if the cats were large, small or in-between, the unit accomodated the group. The only thing missing from this picture purrfect scene was a “Do Not Disturb” sign.

Retails: $148.00 manufactured completely in the U.S.A.

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