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Felinexpress.com Home > Cat Product Reviews > Cat Furniture > The Cube, by Creative Pet

The Cube, by Creative Pet

I don’t know about you, but I don’t share my life with any cat who doesn’t believe that cardboard is a wonderful kitty magnet. No matter what arrives in my home, be it from the post office, Fed Ex or UPS, once the contents have been removed, the cats play for hours with the empty box until it collapses from exhaustion!

Recently, a new product has come to my attention. Created by Creative Pet, The Cube takes the simple principal of cardboard attraction and creates a sturdy, eye-pleasing cat condo/playhouse for your kitty’s enjoyment.

The product is lightweight and the instructions are easy to follow, however, some of the cardboard sections (16 pieces comprise one set) were probably not keen to become kitty sacrifices so they were a bit hard to assemble by myself. I had several claws into the action, but the arrival of hubby soon put the claws to rest and the condo was put together quickly.

This condo has been created to make your life easier, especially if you are living with a cat who prefers to be inactive. The countless escape hatches in the sections that you punch out at your preference offer your dormant kitty a challenge he can’t resist. Soon the cubes were alive with kitty and cat bodies popping in and out of each section.

The cardboard sections are sturdy enough to bear the weight of my largest cat- McKinley who is a Maine Coon mix and a whopping 22 pounds! He had no problem navigating the many hatches provided.

Because of the smaller sections of cardboard and how they are constructed- you don’t need to worry about the beginner set toppling over. If you wish to buy more sections and go higher, my suggestion is to be sure and stabilize the height because of the frenzy of activity the condo promotes.

For me, this condo is a godsend. Most condos on the market are made of carpeting, reinforcing to the cat that carpet is wonderful to scratch on. So far, the condo has been scratch free, again because of the smaller sections of cardboard. Cats scratch tall objects.

Beginner Condo starts at $19.95 visit http://www.thecreativepet.com/

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