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Catio Furniture

Most everyone understands the life of an outdoor cat or a stray cat doesn’t hold many comforts. The daily struggle for food, water and shelter along with protection against the elements becomes paramount for their survival. Thankfully, the owners of felinefurniture understand these challenges and their Catio furniture is crafted with the outdoor cat in mind.

Made of sturdy pine lodge poles and built specifically to withstand the elements, the Catio set provides the outdoor cat a place to sleep, play, scratch and keep watch. The unit’s stability allows cats to display their natural behavior. Strong pine lodge poles are instantly available for the cats’ protractile claws to grasp and climb.  The height of the unit, allows the cat to stretch his back while he scratches, flexing his back and legs. This helps increase his activity level and aids him in grooming (as it makes him more flexible). 

Since a cat can leap both vertically and horizontally, the beams and poles of the Catio set aid him in this quest. Elevated ramps allow each cat to choose their favorite perch and a wooden ladder helps any older cat in climbing onto the unit.  The Catio set can be assembled with the aid of a few tools; a hammer and an electric screwdriver (the holes are pre-drilled). The hammer is needed to help tap the poles into place.

Once assembled, the unit can easily be carried to a prime location. The upper berths make an excellent feeding station for ferals and strays, with plenty of room for a tray of food and up to five kitties at a time. No catnip is needed to entice kitty to find this unit. He locates his new playground pretty much in record time.

As we were assembling our unit, our barn cats delighted in climbing up the poles even before the set was completed. As is customary in the cat world, the stronger alphas would climb higher on the unit then the other submissive cats. As it happens, while we were working on putting it together (outside) it started to rain. I watched as each cat dropped off the higher platforms and scooted to a lower one where the sunbrella hammock provided an effective barrier against the raindrops. At 6’ tall, I didn’t have that luxury of ducking under this protection, but I certainly considered it.

We moved it under a big window and the cats made it quickly into their new home. It has become an instrumental tool in allowing my cats to gain access to the window and get my attention when they want to come inside and visit.

FelineFurniture is a company that shows its heart in every design they manufacture. Big Paws up from all my crew for the Catio furniture set. Also on the positive side, this unit is manufactured in the U.S.A.  You don’t need to have outside cats to enjoy this unit. It is a handsome addition to any home and your cat will thank you for it. It’s an oversized scratching post and playground that doubles as a rest stop where your cats can slumber. It also fits nicely on an enclosed porch allowing your outside kitties or your inside/outside kitties a place where they can watch their world in comfort and in style.

$199.00 per unit with a money back guarantee. Visit www.felinefurniture.com for additional information.


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