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Top 10 Best Cat Toys

The bottom line when it comes to purchasing toys for your cats or kittens is to think about their purrsonal safety. Small items such as detachable eyes, noses, beads on the end of the toy, and string are all choking hazards. Just because you can't physically pull the item off the toy, doesn't mean your cat can't. After all, her claws are a lot sharper than your kitchen shears.

A $2.00 cat toy on a piece of string left with your cat unsupervised can quickly become a $500.00 emergency vet bill. Your awareness is crucial when scrutinizing toys for your cat's enjoyment. This way, both of you can live a long and happy life.

Top 10 Cat Toys

Cat Toys: Da Bird1. Da Bird - An interactive string and feather toy. Highly appealing to all types of cats. Available at any quality pet supply store or pet store.

Retails: $19.95

Cat Toys: Star Chaser by Bergan

2. Star Chaser by Bergan - Taking the turbo trac to a higher level, this interactive toy lights up, providing a sturdy cardboard scratching pad along with hours of entertainment for you and your cat.

Retails: $19.99

Cat Toys: Hartz Kitty Frenzy

3. Hartz Kitty Frenzy - Fuzzy mice that cats love to bat around and play with. “Buyer Beware”- suggest removing the tails (they simply pull off) before giving to your cat. The cats won’t care and you won’t be worried about kitty swallowing the tails.

Retails: under $4.00  (12 to a pack)

Cat Toys: Drinkwell Pet Fountain

4. Drinkwell Pet Fountain - Some may find it unusual to include a drinking fountain in a Top Ten Cat Toy selection. But set up the unit and drop a ping pong ball into the pool and watch the entertainment begin! Added plus, encourages kitties to stay well-hydrated.

Retails: Starts at $40.00 (depending on type). Several models available to choose from.

Chickadee Chirp by SmartyKat

5. Chickadee Chirp by SmartyKat - A highly annoying toy for humans, but cats love these! Every time the bird gets batted, it lets out a high chirping noise. Causes kitties to come on a run and humans to run to find their ear plugs! Confiscate this toy before bedtime!

Retails: Just under $8.00

Peek-A-Prize Toy Box by SmartCat6. Peek-A-Prize Toy Box by SmartCat - Not only entertaining, but mentally stimulating for the bored kitty in your home. The toys are hidden in the box, the challenge; for the kitty to remove each toy by flipping it through the appropriate holes. Great for the preymate in your life!

Retails: Around $24.00

Cat Toys: Yeoowww Catnip Cigar

7. Yeoowww Catnip Cigar - Smokin hot toy with my crew. I made the mistake of washing a cigar with a load of bedcovers once. My bed was alive with kitties for days trying to find the elusive toy. Buy more than one, then stand back and watch the fur fly.

Retails: Around $6.00 or buy the cigar boxful for $60.00

Cat Toys: Mylar Balls

8. Mylar Balls - Amazing how even a smushed up Mylar ball can keep kitty’s interest peaked. Cats are drawn to sound, spending hours just batting these balls around or carrying them throughout the house. If you can’t find them, check under the stove or refrigerator!

Usually retails around $1.50 each

Race and Chase by Pet Zone

9. Race and Chase by Pet Zone - This interactive toy features a fuzzy mouse inside of a wheel. With cut-outs just big enough to fit the largest paw, but small enough to keep the prey safe, your kitty will spend considerable time trying to figure this puzzle out.

Retails: $19.99

Fat Cat Kitty Hoots Tail Chaser Mouse

10. Fat Cat Kitty Hoots Tail Chaser Mouse - High entertainment value ensues when this toy is tossed into a group of kitties. Turns out it is aerodynamic in so many ways. Comes with premium catnip, but the Fat Cat Kitty Hoots is stimulating enough on its own.

Retails: Around $3.00


Some cat toys, though entertaining can prove dangerous. Any toy with removable parts, string, ribbon or fuzzy attachments should be used under supervised play only.  Keep in mind, cats are predators. Anything smaller than they are become fair game and will be annihilated quickly!

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