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Felinexpress.com Home > Cat Health > Top Ten Signs of a Healthy Cat

Top Ten Signs of a Healthy Cat

  1. Good muscle tone.
  2. Active, alert and curious in nature.
  3. Fur is glossy and thick, no bare patches showing.
  4. Stool is brown in color and firm.
  5. Happy, pink gums.
  6. Steady gait, agile when walking or jumping.
  7. Eyes are bright with no discharge.
  8. Nose isn’t warm or hot to the touch; there is no discharge or bubbles.
  9. Ears are free of dirt or ear mite waste, interior ear flaps are pink in color not yellow or washed out.
  10. Urine is yellow not discolored, no blood in urine. (You can fill the litter pan with uncooked white rice to check urine color).

Top Ten Signs of an Unhealthy Cat

  1. Behavior changes
  2. Litter pan misses
  3. Discharge from nose, eyes
  4. Increased thirst and urination
  5. Inner ear flaps, paws, nose are hot, third eyelid showing
  6. Oily coat
  7. Pulling out hair in tufts
  8. Grinding teeth
  9. Blood in stool or urine, diarrhea
  10. No appetite, no energy

  1. Korat
  2. Balinese
  3. Javanese
  4. Japanese Bobtail
  5. Somali
  6. Abyssinian
  7. Turkish Van
  8. Siamese
  9. Egyptian Mau
  10. Oriental Shorthair
  11. Tonkinese
  12. Bengal
  13. Norwegian Forest Cat
  14. Cornish Rex
  15. Siberian

More cat breeds

Persian Cats

Persian cats prefer staying relatively quiet. They are docile, loving cats.


Ragdoll cats prefer to stay low to the ground, rather than in high places


Ragamuffins are calm and can handle most types of child’s play