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San Francisco Cat Owners Blessed with Feline Wishes

Surf over to Google, type in the words Feline Wishes and be instantly transported to the Feline Wishes website featuring a Kitty Hotel/Spa Boarding facility.  The website, showing number one in the search engines, compliments the actual building that fittingly is also number one in the Bay Area as the premier cat hotel in San Francisco. 

Owned and operated by Lisa Semple, Feline Wishes originated as a glimmer of an idea in the head of a burnt-out Corporate Manager.  After years of fighting the Corporate Commute, enduring the Sunday Morning Blues, Lisa took the plunge.  She had her vision, a business plan, blueprints, and a back-up plan. Moving out of the corporate world, she headed straight for her dream with her husband Mike at the helm. An accomplished architect, he took Lisa’s fantasy, turning her concepts into reality.  Transforming an old, partially demolished warehouse into a Cat Boarding/Kitty Spa sensation designed with elegance and flair.

The front of the building is unpretentious; blue-gray flat warehouse design with one sign out front displaying the name of the business: Feline Wishes.  Stepping inside the front door, you are instantly transported to an intimate world. Casey, the resident mascot might step up to you and rub your leg with his royal blackness. Casey is a Persian cat once boarded at Feline Wishes, he soon became a permanent resident. “He brings in foot traffic,” Lisa told me. “He sits in the window and people stop to admire him.” When they come inside to inquire about him, she offers them a tour.  They take it all in, the pristine waterfalls, piped-in music intended to soothe any ruffled feline, a spotless kitchen, all encased in a Venetian style interior.

Forty-nine individual suites hold the ability to house up to seventy-five cats. Each room caters to the cat’s natural instincts. Cat condos designed by Keith Allen of FelineFurniture.com function as the primary climbing furniture in each suite. The height of these cat condos allows kitty to climb up to the special Kitty Alcove, a smaller room with a view where kitty can observe the activity below her staying purrfectly safe.

What stands out about this facility is that the persons behind the designing truly understands and loves cats. Boarding kennels generally have small, enclosed spaces for the animals.  At Feline Wishes, the roof of each spacious cat unit is constructed of strong wire. The windows are formed of decorative wire, so curious velvety-soft kitty noses can be stroked by passer-bys. Because of the creative use of open space, no cat boarder will feel isolated, alone or stressed.  Adding to the relaxed atmosphere of this exclusive boarding facility; the absence of dogs barking messages to their truant owners. All this creates the relaxed and loving environment for a cat lover and his/her cat to feel perfectly at home in.   

The boarders are let out of their suites several times a day, for a solo walk down the hallways followed by a treat at the end.  The staff interacts with the cats daily, watching for any signs of stress that can occur anytime a cat’s routine changes drastically. The level of care here borders on amazing.  There is someone on site twenty-four hours a day. Factoring into the cats’ well-being; daily interactive playtime, lots of one-on-one attention combined with quality food and care.

Upon returning home after being on vacation for two weeks, one client could not get over the fact that her cat’s attitude was so laid-back and relaxed she hardly recognized him! An elated Lisa confided in me, “When new clients call me after they return home and tell me how wonderful their cat(s) are acting. That to me is worth its weight in gold!” 

On the edge of the warehouse district in San Francisco, this treasure lies waiting to be uncovered. If you are ever in the neighborhood, drop on by and see for yourself how hard work, dedication and a vision of a once over-worked corporate executive translated itself into a unique expression of her true love for cats.

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