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Who Moved My Mouse?

Just as the title suggests, Who Moved My Mouse is a whimsical look at the lives of cats. Although most cats don’t believe they need help (and some may be beyond help) this book offers them a touch of reality for them. A source of amusement and comic relief, the author takes you into the life of a cat through a series of quizzes, exercises and tips on how to become a better, more rounded cat. In other words, the book explains to cats how to get in touch with their Inner Kitten. My favorite chapter; A Cat’s Conversation with God, however, the whole book had me either giggling or laughing-out-loud. Illustrated in charming detail by Ann Boyajian, Who Moved My Mouse offers a treasure trove of detail regarding the mysterious ways of cats.

I would suggest that you NOT pick up this book to read it if you have to; drive the kids to soccer, go to work, pick up hubby, need to keep a doctor’s appointment or run your kitty to the vet. You will want to have a big block of time to devour this book with a large coffee not to close (so you don’t spew any of the hot liquid on you, the book, or on your unsuspecting kitty)!

I suspect some evil afoot though, after receiving my copy of this wonderful book, it seems to have vanished into thin air….hmmm- I wonder, did it perhaps fall down a mouse-hole with a little help?

  1. Korat
  2. Balinese
  3. Javanese
  4. Japanese Bobtail
  5. Somali
  6. Abyssinian
  7. Turkish Van
  8. Siamese
  9. Egyptian Mau
  10. Oriental Shorthair
  11. Tonkinese
  12. Bengal
  13. Norwegian Forest Cat
  14. Cornish Rex
  15. Siberian

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