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Felinexpress.com Home > Featured Cat Book The Ultimate Cat Treat Cookbook

The Ultimate Cat Treat Cookbook

By Liz Palika

The book (cover and illustrations) is as appealing as the cat treats you will inside. Heads over tails, the best Cat Treat Cookbook found on the market today. Liz Palika, in her concern for a cat’s well-being has enlisted the help of Deb Eldredge DVM to be sure the treats she has collected is completely safe for cats.

Divided into user-friendly sections, the book should become a requirement for any cat lover. Recently, while I was working with an older cat that had been dumped out in the woods (his rescuer contacted me because Sebastian would not eat). I grabbed up Liz’s book and went to Chapter 5- Scrumptious Snacks for Special-Needs Kitties- Treats to Tempt the Finicky Eater.

Sebastian scored a high paw-five when he devoured in one sitting a full helping of Savory Salmon treats. This perked up his appetite and now he is eating regular meals with the other cats.

The book won’t fit in a holiday stocking, but it is a worthy treat to give any cat owner. The illustrations will make you smile, and the healthy treat recipes will delight your heart. With over 50 feline-tested recipes this book is a sure crowd pleaser. I know my gang was pleased when presented with samples of the cat cuisine I made for them. Paws down, their favorite so far Page 56 Frozen Tuna Cow, they couldn’t get enough!

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