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Cat Yoga

By: Rick Tillotson

Reclaim your funny-bone. Let laughter move you as you read through this colorful guide uncovering the real reason why cats are so athletic and limber.  Discover the path to laughter as you contemplate each of the sixty full-color photographs showing cats mastering the true power of Yoga.

Propelling you toward Chuckledom, author Rick Tillotson skillfully removes the restraint and dignity long associated with cats by a click of the mouse.

"Calling all Cats" Issuing a local casting call to cat owners in his area, hopeful cat owners appeared at the authors studio craving 15 minutes of feline fame.  Through careful wizardry and digital imagery, Rick Tillotson's created Cat Yoga poses for purr enjoyment.

Throughout the fun aspect this book offers, the author also educates readers about cats and their behavior with a humor and wit.

Under the pose "Anantasana," he writes:

"The side-lying Leg Raise stretches the muscles of the pelvis and can lessen discomfort prior to (and following) the delivery of kittens. Always check with your veterinarian before beginning any exercise program while carrying a litter of kittens."

Cat Yoga not only fits your budget, but also tucks nicely into a holiday stocking for a real tickle-treat for any cat fancier young or old.  Order through Amazon.com $14.95.

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