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The Cat Master

The Cat Master

“Rise from the alley, my son. Of my blood, you are the chosen.”  This challenge darts quickly through Buddy’s mind and then becomes lost in the murky darkness that follows. Challenged to come out of his Indoor life, Buddy (a large yellow tomcat) ventures to the Outs and back to the world he originated from; the world of the ferals.  This begins the adventure, under the skillful hands of author, Bonnie Pemberton in her first book The Cat Master.

Throughout the journey, the reader will meet with various critters. Jett the evil one-eyed gray and black striped cat trying to thwart Buddy at every turn, Pris the gentle, shy calico, Zekki  the mischievous but courageous white kitty, Soot, a black cat injured but undaunted and many others.

There is dissention in the world of the Insiders (the domesticated cats) and the ferals. Buddy’s challenge; to be the bridge bringing the worlds together (if he can survive that long) for the world outside is fraught with danger at every turn. Leading the danger, Jett whose sole purpose is to destroy the true Cat Master heir and take his place to rule with an iron paw.

You will see friendships formed from unlikely allies. You will learn the power of Mother Wind as you join in on the adventure along with two cats, two dogs, a possum, a mockingbird and a lizard. The twists and turns of the road ahead will keep you guessing till the end, and when you put the book down at night mid-read, you might find as I did, a certain resentment for the body’s need for sleep.

Your heart will be captured in the courage of a German shepherd, the tenacity of a lizard, and the fearlessness of a dachshund. Tears will be shed, smiles will grace your lips and caring enter your heart, as you travel the path of peril towards The Gathering.

Clearly Bonnie Pemberton knows cats. She should, she invented Sticky Paws for furniture. Her life is shared with five cats, two dogs and a patient husband. Her company Fe-Lines Inc., is known throughout the world for their pet behavior modification products. Even in the imaginary world she skillfully crafts for the reader in Cat Master, she imparts her knowledge and understanding about companion animals and their behavior along the way. In her world, Goodness has been mastered and warriors arrive in all shapes and sizes.

“All Hail The Cat Master!”

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