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Felinexpress.com home > Top 10 > Top 10 Reasons to Brush Your Cat�s Teeth

Top 10 Reasons to Brush Your Cat’s Teeth

  1. The command “Sit and Stay” in the dentist chair doesn’t work.
  2. Catnip treats are gobbled up by the dentist’s cat, “Toothless.”
  3. The Dental Hygienist tires of playing tug of war with dental floss
  4. Halitosis is NOT as fun as Puppy Breath!
  5. Although the myth exists, dry food does not remove tarter build-up.
  6. The other cats are calling him “Bacteria Breath.”
  7. Swallowing dental floss leads to high vet bills.
  8. Removes Butt Breath
  9. Sugar-free gum sticks to the roof of their mouth

And the Number One reason for Brushing Your Cat’s Teeth:

  1. People think you’re a Crazy Cat Lady anyway!

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  7. Turkish Van
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  10. Oriental Shorthair
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  14. Cornish Rex
  15. Siberian

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